When Ireland is Out, Whose Next!

Dan Marino 2.0

Marino GM? Elway can, so why not?

Heard rumblings that Dan Marino should become our next GM, but this idea should be given further thought. A lot of further thought!

I love Dan Marino as a player and as a TV personality, forever would he be considered a legend in South Florida. However, I strongly question whether or not he has the abilities to perform in a GM capacity. Great players don’t necessarily make great managers. I can’t pin-point any attributes in his playing career or broadcasting career that leads me to believe that he has the qualities to be a successful GM in the NFL. Yes of course, Marino will waltz past the PR aspects of the job, but there is more to being a GM than the face time spent with the media and adoring fans, and even that ends quickly with a few mis-managed draft picks or free agent signings.

Fact is, yes, we need a new GM. For no simpler reason than the fact that the negative perception that currently surrounds Jeff Ireland is a league wide phenomenon. His image with potential employees and player is unrepairable, and thus Ireland’s current role as GM places this franchise at a significant disadvantage when competing with other teams to acquire scarce services. That is a major point, in negotiation process, and if people can’t understand that ramification then it makes no sense saying much more.

Dolphins need more than just a face and a smile. We need someone who is not only cerebral, but someone who has a firm background in talent evaluation and has shown consistent success in pin-pointing value added players through-out the entire draft.

Mr. Ross needs to take a hands off approach and consider individuals like Eric Dacosta from the Baltimore Ravens for the job as GM of the Miami Dolphins. Dacosta is current Director of Player Personnel for the Ravens, and has been considered for role of GM in the past at Chicago and Seattle. He has been described as Newsome’s most important asset, and has played a strong part in drafting the likes of Ed Reed, Terrell Suggs, Jamal Lewis, Bart Scott, Le’Ron McClain, Haloti Ngata, Marshal Yanda, Ben Grubbs, and Ray Rice, Michael Oher along with significant contributions to drafting Tony Weaver, Mark Clayton, Chester Taylor, Ed Hartwell, Dawan Landry, Jason Brown, Jared Gaither, Sam Koch, and Lardarius Webb.

We need men like Dan Marino on the field, and we need men like Eric Dacosta in the office of GM.

Writer – MaxVain

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